ELENIT BY EURIPIDES LASKARIDIS An ensemble piece for ten creatures and a wind turbine, ELENIT forgoes all reason to forge a space without past or future. A monumental system interested only in the urgency of the moment. Project details THE ART OF DYING BY JUKSTAPOZ The Art of Dying, a solo piece inspired by Hieronymus Bosch’s The Garden of Earthly Delights, conveys the fragility of human existence through subtle humour and surrealism. Dance, visual imagery and ephemeral music conveys the transient beauty of that final moment before life comes to an end. Project details TITANS BY EURIPIDES LASKARIDIS A time of the mind where even shadows are alive and things have no set or stable size. The tiniest of things become enormous. All time and all space can fit on stage, and surprises, excitement, and terror. Project details THE LAMB BY KOR'SIA Are we blind? The Lamb departs from a miraculous event, the recovery of eyesight, only to immerse us into a blinding experience. There, heaven, hell, and purgatory are difficult to tell apart, and such is the case with a brothel where fiery bodies exert strange rituals, and where the roles of victim and executioner are interchangeable. Project details HISTORY, HISTORY,
BY DEBORAH PEARSON A documentary, performed live, the performance runs the length of and is timed alongside the film, using interviews with the exiled screenwriter and people involved with the film to playfully reflect on immigration, suppression, and our personal links with history. Project details
RELIC BY EURIPIDES LASKARIDIS A journey of many transformations, it is a path towards poetry opened up by means of an otherworldly cabaret that ends up somewhere disarmingly human. Project details JEUX BY KOR'SIA Jeux is the title that Nijinski conferred on one of his
ballets in 1913.This piece, interwoven in the metaphor of the game, establishes a dialogue, which can be linked to the possible relationship that the choreographer lived with the elitist Bloomsbury group.
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