Photo by Sergios Kefalas
Photo by Art Taf
Photo by Sergios Kefalas
Photo by Art Taf
Photo by Art Taf


By Marilena Katranidou

Sometimes, it does happen, that nothing really happens 

Based on the text and guidelines given by Ionesco, who is the main exponent of the theatre of the absurd, the group is presenting its hypothesis on the presentation of the absurd on stage. Using as a main component the intermedia, they are investigating the absurd, as an occurrence of everyday life but also, a characteristic trait of the theatrical convention. One typical story. Two ordinary couples, one waitress, one firefighter, a bell that rings repeatedly, a door that hides a visitor and a possible fire… But the main point lies elsewhere. This performance started in the scope of the course of direction 4, with Michael Marmarinos as a supervisor and was presented later to the public of Thessaloniki, in the public Theatre of Kalamaria , ”Melina Merkouri”, during the “Mikro Festival” of municipality of Kalamaria, on December of 2015 and later on, on April of 2016 at Thision Theatre and in the same space, as a participation in the first Reborn in Athens festival.
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– Barbara Engelhardt

In the theater of the absurd, the man condemned to freedom hits his limits. How to give existence a meaning, when confronted with the yawning nothingness? With what language of self-responsibility? Where absurdity confronts man with his doubts, the theater puts forth strange blossoms. In variation on the absurdist theater, the young Greek sets new apogees for Ionesco’s abysmal fatalism with humor and music.
Cast & Crew Directed by: Marilena Katranidou Dramaturgy: Ria Mentilidou & Marilena Katranidou Set & costume design: Dido Gkogkou Lighting design: Nikos Mavrakis Production management: Nikos Mavrakis Production assistant: Iliana Kaladami People on stage: Aliki Atsalaki Eirini Kyriakou Georgia Kyriazi Christos Strinopoulos Alexis Tsiamoglou aLive musicians: Dimitris Kapetanios Dimitris Lolis