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By Panos Malactos and Elias Adam

“I had a boyfriend. Then I got dumbed. I got dumbed, I bought a thong and I need lots of validation.”
Sadboi is an autofictional portrait of a sadboi dancer. Elias Adam works with Panos Malactos and researches the concept of radical stage vulnerability. Sadboi likes his suffering raw. He is gay, horny, heartbroken and extremely peaceful. He instagrams, therefore he exists.  The show attempts an ambiguous and complex narration, which explores sex, love and sadness in the fully technological and sexualised post – modern age.   Sadboi aims to create a immersive experience where intense physicality intersects with the virtual space of internet (social media, memes, dating apps). If lovesongs are dumb, wait till you hear this one. How many fire emojis will this get? The admins of this show are searching for validation. ​ Sadboi premiered in the Platform of New Choreographers in Limassol, Cyprus in December 2021. ​ Shows in Greece, Finland, Belgium, Iceland and more will be announced soon.
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Presented at
Platform of New Choreographers – Rialto Theatre, Limassol, Cyprus: Dec 12, 2021 [world premiere]
Dance House Lemesos, Limassol, Cyprus: Mar 12, 2022
M54, Athens, Greece: May 2, 2022
FIN FRINGE Festival -Turku City theatre Sopukka, Turku, Finland: May 13, 2022 May 14, 2022
Reykjavik Fringe Festival, Reykjavik, Iceland: June 24 – 30, 2022
Istanbul Fringe – Tuhafier, Istanbul, Turkey: Sep 23, 2022
HOMOGRAFÍA/HOMOGRAPHY Festival – Recyclart, Brussels, Belgium: Oct 1, 2022
Tour dates:
F.O.L.A. Festival, Auckland, New Zealand: Feb 16, 2023
SADBOI, 2021 a piece for one performer Duration: 30 minutes direction & dramaturgy by Elias Adam performed by Panos Malactos choreography & dramaturgy by Panos Malactos costume design: Peñaranda Olmeda Miguel visualization: Messer Sita music: Lynks, Prydz Eric, Be Lulu sponsored by: Cyprus Choreography Platform, Cyprus Ministry Of Education And Culture