Photo by Elina Giounanli
Photo by Julian Mommert
Photo by Julian Mommert
Photo by Julian Mommert


By Euripides Laskaridis || Osmosis

An alien space for two in a time before reason



In “TITANS”, the hilarious and the serious are constantly being interchanged, and ideas on how things should be have already been lost. Euripides Laskaridis envisions a universe older than the world, a time of the mind where even shadows are alive and things have no set or stable size. The tiniest of things become enormous. All time and all space can fit on stage, and surprises, excitement, and terror all spring – without warning – from the work’s details. Center stage stand two solitary beings playing an endless game with no apparent purpose. Their laughter seems worrying, their worries laughable. And yet, their world is made from the same materials, feelings and thoughts as our own. Their failures are transformed into a defense of our own. There is something that makes this admittedly absurd artistic language win over audiences, wherever it may go. It does so because behind all the ridiculousness and the irony lies an ever steadfast tenderness.
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— Catherine Lalonde, “Le Devoir” (30 May 2018)

“In this work – one unique in terms of genre, quite unlike anything else – we find something that resembles the wonderment a child feels when first faced with the transformative, illusory, inventive power of theater. It’s a precious thing. […] How rare it is, how truly rare, to see a man talk about motherhood, in the first person, to literally take the subject into the body, to embody it, here with humor and exuberance, extravagance and respect. This daring approach in “TITANS”, though more discreet, is just as important as that taken to form. Hats off.”

— Nicola Arrigoni, “Sipario” (2July 2019)

“Euripides Laskaridis’ “TITANS” sticks in the mind; when the curtain falls, the images presented by this Greek choreographer and performer keep rising over and again before your eyes. […] One watches “TITANS” with the voracious appetite of someone desperate for their fill of beauty. The images and actions Euripides Laskaridis creates and performs are conceptually rooted deep inside the art of the European Renaissance, the elaborate Byzantine mosaics at Ravenna, the captivating orientalist nostalgia of Gustav Klimt. The eyes of the audience gaze on, drawn to the stage, watching the slight sway of the swing or spying reflections on the convex mirror of some Flemish painter or the contemporary Anish Kapoor. This Greek performer seems to gather iconic relics from art history and blend them into a drink that distills the melancholy experienced by a being, one that performs and carries within it the stories of an entire world.”
Tour dates:
  • Bonlieu Scène nationale Annecy, Annecy, France : Feb 11, 2020 Feb 13, 2020
Direction, choreography & set design: Euripides Laskaridis Performed by: Euripides Laskaridis & Dimitris Matsoukas Costume design: Angelos Mentis Original music & sound design: Giorgos Poulios Lighting design: Eliza Alexandropoulou Dramaturgy consultant: Alexandros Mistriotis Artistic collaborators: Drossos Skotis, Diogenis Skaltsas, Simos Patieridis, Nikos Dragonas, Thanos Lekkas Sound design, programming & live operation: Themistocles Pandelopoulos Sound installation & live operation: Nikolas Kollias & Kostis Pavlopoulos Lighting installation: Konstantinos Margas & Giorgos Melissaropoulos Assistants to the director: Dimitris Triandafyllou & Paraskevi Lypimenou Assistant to the set designer & the costumes designer: Ioanna Plessa Set assistant on tour: Tzela Christopoulou Trainee production assistants: Lisandra Caires & Samuel Esteves Querido Co-producers coordination: Elisabeth Tsouchtidi Production & tour manager: Maria Dourou (2017-18) Tour managers: Simona Fremder (2018-19) & Gema Rollon Blanco (2019) Tour technical director: Konstantinos Margas Tour production assistant: Nikos Mavrakis – TooFarEast productions (2019) Photography: Elina Giounanli & Julian Mommert Camera operators: Stelios Keramidas, Samuel Esteves Querido & Dimitris Triandafyllou Video trailer edited by: Euripides Laskaridis Co-Produced by: Athens & Epidaurus festival (gr), Théâtre de la Ville (fr), eleusis 2021 –European capital of culture (gr), Festival Transamériques (ca), Julidans (nl), Megaron Athens concert hall (gr), ccvf Guimarães (pr) & the OSMOSIS performing arts company (gr) Also supported by: O espaço do tempo (pr), neon (gr), Centre Culturel Hellenique (fr), Isadora & Raymond Duncan dance research centre (gr) & Aegean airlines (gr) Presented in collaboration with: EDM productions – Rial & Eshelman