Photo by Kalttak
Photo by Kalttak
Photo by Kalttak
Photo by Kalttak


By Kalttak

When something’s on a loop, how predictable can the unpredictable be?

LOOMLOOP is a 60 minute video, featuring 40 different people, from actors and dancers, to everyday people, craftsmen, artists, friends, our parents. A mosaic of narratives, images and patterns of human behavior. The characters of this installation are performing a number of heterogeneous and diverse actions, sometimes totally unpredictable. This is the space where rational and irrational coexist allowing new unexpected narratives to arise. From the rock paintings of Lascaux in France to today’s graffiti, murals are the records of our collective unconscious. Inspired by our everyday lives, LOOMLOOP is building a scenery that weaves together multiple cinematic frames. Through visual, historical and mythical references we create an archetypical map of human behavior, presented in a loop and projected on the wall.


LOOMLOOP LAB is a workshop applicable to specific or generic groups, which are formed by their unique characteristics, such as profession, gender, community and so forth. Throughout the project we will interact with those groups and affiliate them with video art and performative methods. The workshop’s purpose is to point out the peculiarities and the uniqueness of each member of the group and familiarize contemporary art with them. The personas of this installation perform a number of heterogeneous and diverse actions, sometimes totally unpredictable. The video of this collaboration is the result of the conjunction between people, different forms of art and everyday life. At the end of the workshop, the final video will be presented for the participants and the general public.
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Concept, Composition, Direction & Creation: KALTTAK Performers on Screen: Arvaniti Isidora, Athanasiou Iro, Delakoura Katerina, Ellina Mariana, Kiprianidis Giorgos, Knafl Maria, Koutselou Fivi, Mayanga Freddy, Selimiotis Giannis, Skoulikidi Fani, Thanos Fivos (more TBC) Camera Operator: Kiprianidis Giorgos Mockumentary video editing: Stergiana Tzegka