Visual Artist

Olivier Grossetête was born in Paris in 1973, he lives in Marseille and works all around the world. From the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Valence, through his artistic work he tries to keep poetry and dreams alive in our everyday lives. Using play with false naivety, he faces a certain context in order to question laws, both physical and social which govern us. As early as 2002, he created collages from administrative documents such as banknotes, parking tickets and fines or refusal letters with which he calls on reality to invent new fictions. Another facet of his work draws nearer to sculpture, featuring in situ “poetic objects”.  These work each in their own ways, going to and fro between dreams, poetic images and the laws which govern our world. With the Participative Monumental constructions made from cardboard, he explores urban spaces and enables us to experience them together. It is both a thought process on image and architecture as a symbol, as well as a social and “political” project. He invites the inhabitants of a town to come together to erect a utopian building, temporary and useless, to take part in an artistic experience in which everyone finds his/her own rightful place.  Made of cardboard and tape, the construction is made without cranes or machines, using only human energy. Whether with his cardboard monumental constructions using collective energy surrounding him, or with his passages and bridges which defy gravity or with his decoupages/collages denying authoritarian symbols, he is trying to reverse, at least symbolically, the power balance, which links us to the world… therefore questioning the value of our exchanges and our belongings.