Photo by Dido Gkogkou
Photo by Dido Gkogkou
Photo by Dido Gkogkou


By Marilena Katranidou

“The gods got tired,the eagles got tired,the wound got tired.” Franz Kafka

A stage proposal exploring what happened from the moment “must” was replaced by the word “can”. How could spiritual fatigue be physicalized? How is fatigue registered on the dancing body? The research focuses on an economic approach of movement and dance. Is there a notion of profit in a field jump that leads nowhere? Or is there no time for this? or is it a lavishness of energy? How is spiritual exhaustion staged? How can this kind of fatigue be danced? Where are all these moves that we were doing and not been leading anywhere? People as ruins. A rhetoric of the ruins that in order to watch their dance you have to contribute with your imagination for what is missing. People surrender without resistance to gravity. If they don’t move they fall, if they don’t run they sleep. In a time of general acceleration and hyper-activity in our daily lives, we have lost sight. Acceleration eliminates every intermediate year, we live in a world poor of breaks. “Active people usually lack senior activity, in that sense they are lazy. Active people are rolling like stone, according to the stupidity of the laws of engineering.” A stage proposal dedicated to all the moves we didn’t make, or we found ourselves tired at the wrong time.
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Première : TBA

Choreographer: Marilena Katranidou Artistic Collaborator: Hliana Kaladami Set & Costume Designer: Dido Gkogkou Production Management: Nikos Mavrakis Performers: TBC Musician : Dimos Vrizas   Production Company: TooFarEast Productions