Choreographic Duet & Visual Hoarders

Jukstapoz Company was formed by Co-directors Christine Gouzelis & Paul Blackman. The couple is based out of Athens РGreece and together they collaborate, choreograph and carry on throughout various international organisations and festivals. Jukstapoz creates physical dance theatre with the ambition to entertain curiosity. They observe metaphorical states by means of an offbeat cinematic approach. Multi-layered atmospheres & inspiring imagery, balance fractured fables of chaos and harmony in order to descend into symbolism and meaning. With the constant investigation of all forms of quality and aesthetics, they build intimate uninhibited experiences. The company strives continuously to establish lasting foundations that uphold their visions. Holding educational and pedagogical training as one of their core foundations Рthey also offer workshops and seminars around the world at numerous festivals and leading institutions.  Moving fluidly through a highly diverse range of artistic platforms ranging from contemporary dance, theatre, opera, film, community outreach, working with elderly and so on; they have received multiple commissions for their engaging work since the company was established in 2010.